A Collection of Resources, Generators and SEO Tools

Running a business online is pretty sweet! Not only do you get to work from the comfort of your own home (if you are lucky enough), you also get to play around with new business ideas and internet software and tools all the time.

While most people like to spend their free time on social media, I prefer to make connections through email and write content for my own sites and others. All of this comes together to not only help me grow out my business and brand but also find some cool resources and tools online as well.

Today I will be sharing a few of my favorites and most useful ones out there!

Animated Banner Creation Tools

When I first started making money online back in the mid-90s, it actually all started with creating and selling 468×60 graphic banners for $1 each in the AOL Web Diner. This was way before anything like Paypal was around, and I would actually get a physical dollar sent to me in the mail.

Just like online payments have evolved over time, so has the way we create banner ads and images online. I personally used to design my banners with JASC Paint Shop Pro (not really even around anymore), but thanks to in-browser design tools, this is now cheaper and easier than ever.

For example, anyone can create a static banner for their site, but if you wanted to make something animated, then you might be lost. This can easily be done through the use of this gif editor in a matter of clicks. You can see two examples of static images brought to life through animation below.

In an online world where attention is everything, why stick with the old and use regular boring banner ads. Add some life to your banners and watch your engagement and click-through rates soar!

Business/Product/Domain Name Generators

Millions of news websites and business are launched every month. With so many sites and new brands going live, we are quickly running out of original names — let along domain names!

Sometimes, you just need to get creative, come up with a name, and move forward with your business. After all, world renown brand names like Starbucks, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, really didn’t mean anything until they were launch and became what they are today.

If you are currently in a fuss about coming up with a new brand name, product name, or even a domain name, try your luck with each of the resources below.

  • Domain Name Generators – Coming up with a great domain name isn’t easy, but this list of resources and tools will help you get the job done. If the .com name isn’t available, go for the .net or .org. Try to stay away from any of those weird domain TLDs that no one really pays attention to.
  • Business Name Generators – If you are lucky enough to come up with a business name and also find that the domain is available as well amazing! If not, you will find the resources and generation tools listed in this guide very useful.

No matter what route you take, always remember to make sure your domain and brand name is easy to spell and remember. The last thing you want is to create a brand and always have people being sent off to the wrong site, or not understanding what you are saying when telling someone the name of your site or brand. Keep is as simple as possible.

Site Audit and DA/PA Checkers

If you have a website or blog, you likely check the search rankings for it all the time. The actual rankings and movement for your site in the search engines comes down to many different factors. In addition to the actual content on your site and incoming backlinks, the structure, age, domain and page authority, and reputation can all have a big factor in this as well.

The Hoth is one of the leading SEO agencies on the internet today, and along with providing a great service and advice through their blog, they also have a bunch of useful tools and trackers on their site as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Site Audit – Running a quick site audit will allow you to see any areas of your site that need a quick clean up or fix. If any areas of your site are lacking, it could be hurting your overall search rankings.
  • Zutrix SEO Tool – This advanced and AI-Powered SERP checker tool allows site owners and bloggers of all sizes to start tracking their keywords and rankings for free (up to 10 keywords per site). The option is also there to unlock all features and increased keyword tracking when billing options are added.
  • DA/PA Checker – I’m always checking the recent movements on my own sites DA/PA, and also of my competition. There are many tools out there for doing this, but many require a login or limit you on how many searches you can make. This tool does neither.

When it comes to using online tools, tracking reports, and generators to improve your sites SEO or overall performance, be sure to make a list so you can always go back and check your site for updates after changes have been made.

Random Number Generator Tools

If you’ve ever wanted to give something away or randomly pick an individual or event, you may have found yourself using a random number generator. This is one of the most simple generator tools online, but also extremely effective as well.

The most popular one on the internet is Random.org, which simply asks for the end user to enter how many random numbers they want, and the lowest/highest numbers that they should be from. Click a button and you will have your number(s). It doesn’t get much easier than that!

In addition to not collecting any user information on the site, Random.org also provides a bunch of other free scripts, tools, and generators as well. Just visit their main page and scroll down to see their list. Some of the other web tools for site owners and bloggers include:

  • Integer Widget – Wizard will put a mini-RANDOM.ORG on your web page or blog
  • Draw Widget – Wizard will put the result of a paid drawing on your web page or blog
  • HTTP API – This tool will connect true random numbers into your own code
  • Guidelines – Describe how to avoid getting in trouble
  • Banned Hosts – A list of sites who didn’t behave and have been blocked

Like many other tasks, Google had to come in and create a tool of their own. So if you search for “random number generator”, you will also be able to accomplish this from right within the search window.

The Internet is Your Business Treasure Chest

Never before has it been so easy to get started with a business or brand of your own. Thanks to the internet, everyone now has access to the powerful tools like the ones I’ve listed for you above.

Take advantage of what each of these has to offer, while also bringing your blog, brand, or business to the next level!