Graffly – The Groupon of Affiliate Networks

Silicon Valley-based 2Performant, Inc is launching the Graffly service on its innovative affiliate marketing platform. Similar to Groupon, which provides extremely generous but time-limited coupon offers – Graffly partners with one leading merchant every month who is willing to offer a significant increase on the commissions that they pay to publishers in exchange for promotion on the Graffly network.

For example, Davids Cookies, a gourmet dessert retailer, was Graffly’s November merchant. For all of last month, Davids Cookies paid a 25% premium on their standard affiliate commission (7.5% vs 6%) to all publishers that promote their website using Graffly affiliate links. Harris Beber, the VP of Ecommerce at Davids Cookies, called Graffly “a fantastic way to attract the small number of super affiliates that drive the majority of an ecommerce site’s affiliate revenues.”

December Offer – Double Commission on Uncommon Goods

This month, Graffly will be partnering with Uncommon Goods. All Graffly affiliates promoting this month will receive a doubling of their normal commission (10% to 20%). Graffly is currently planning their 2011 promotion calendar. If you would like to be considered as a merchant, please contact merchants [@]

Graffly has already attracted hundreds of affiliates during their two week pre-launch period and is catching the eye of the best and brightest web marketers. Adam Schwartz, CEO of, one the largest coupon sites on the Internet and a leading super affiliate praised Graffly saying, “There are thousands of merchants out there that we can promote. Graffly is an innovate way for individual merchants to rise above the noise and for CouponSurfer to make significantly higher commissions than we normally would.”


Built On The 2Performant Platform

The Graffly network is built on the 2Performant platform. In addition to all the standard infrastructure that merchants and affiliates need to interact with one another, 2Performant has a robust Apps Marketplace where 3rd party developers can push the envelope and come up with novel ways to assist affiliates in promoting merchants in exchange for a piece of the action. For example, the Social Reactions app scours the net looking for positive feedback (from Twitter, Facebook, etc) and combines it with product information / images into a widget that can be embedded on a promotional website.


Radu Spineanu, the founder of Graffly and CEO of 2Performant, sums up Graffly’s value in the following way. “Graffly is a win-win-win. It helps merchants get noticed in an extremely crowded environment. It helps affiliate to earn higher commissions. And, it enriches the affiliate experience for everyone with Apps that are cooler and more effective than text links and banners.”

The Uncommon Goods promotion comes at a really good time. Uncommon Goods specializes in “anything but ordinary” gifts. Being the holiday season, a smart affiliate can really cash in with the double commission that Uncommon Goods is offering to Graffly affiliates. Super affiliates like Adam Schwatz are taking advantage of it. Why not you?

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