GoPro Hero4 and Fotasy HEROBMK Handlebar Mount Test

I got a chance to test a new GoPro bike mount today. The Fotasy HEROBMK is a 31.8mm aluminum handlebar bike mount that works on all GoPro cameras.

The Fotasy is basically a knock-off of the K-EDGE GO BIG Pro. I wouldn’t be shock if they were both made by the same OEM. The only difference between the two mounts is the price. Instead of spending $49.99 for the name-brand K-EDGE, you only need to spend $9.91 for the HEROBMK. That’s a no brainer for me.

The main advantage of a handle bar mount is the lowered point of view. When I was riding with the helmet mount, the point of view was way too high up, and looked un-natural. The Fotasy HEROBMK presented a much more natural field of view.

I did the same 24 mile route as my last ride video so you can compare the two fields of view. Which one do you like more?

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