Google’s New Ad Size – 200×200 Square

Google 200x200I was checking my Google AdSense stats and noticed that Google has introduced a new ad size; the 200×200 small square. You can see an example of this new ad on the right.

The new ad size will serve two text ads or one image ad (it may serve video ads). It will attract more attention than the small buttons that Google has but it won’t be as intrusive as Google’s bigger 300×250 and 336×280 square banners. Should be interesting to see how this new creative does against the other ad sizes.

I also see that Google has revamped their channel information page. It’s a lot cleaner and easier to use now. All this looks to me like Google is fine tuning its Q4 Internet bonanza ramp up. I guess I better finish my ramp up on The TechZone as well. I have to get in that new Google video ad format on the site before October 1st, which is when the ads will go live.