Google Updating Algorithm

It looks like there is some kind of Google Algorithm update going on. I am no longer ranked number one for the term, “make money online.” Depending on the Google server you’re on, I’m anywhere from the 12th to 50th spot (thanks to everyone who alerted me BTW).

It seems I’m not the only one affected by the latest change. Matt Jones at of Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams reports his site is experiencing Google changes as well.

I hadn’t been ranked for my main term ‘affiliate programs’ but I suddenly popped up on page 3 today! I have checked a few times today to make sure and sometimes my site is page 3, then if I check again a literally 1 minute later it will have disappeared. I guess they are still sorting the algorithm change.

Also I was sent reports that my PR dropped from 4 to 0, but the Google Toolbar still says 4 (and I don’t see why it would drop).

Strange goings on!

I can only assume the changes are designed to discount all the waves of review for linkback, technorati trains, alexa trains, etc. Google didn’t get to be the number one search engine by staying still. You should check the positions of the keywords you were after and see where they are now.

With the algorithm change, I’ve decided to put a stop to my review for linkback promotion. All reviews received to date will be posted, but I will no longer accept new reviews. I may bring the promotion back at a later date with some changes. However, I’m going to take a wait and see for now.

Not being ranked number one for make money online won’t make the drastic change in my traffic. The term sent me about 150 people a day. A nice amount, but very tiny compared to the over 11,000 that read this blog everyday.