Google Tells Domain Tasters To Eat Cake

In its continuing quest to provide a better user experience at the expense of AdSense publishers, Google is putting an end to domain tasting. The new policy will go into effect before the end of February.

What Is Domain Tasting?

All new domain purchases are subjected to the Add Grace Period (AGP). This a time period (normally five days) when registrars can delete a domain at no cost. What the domain taster does is register millions of domains and place Google Adsense for Domains on them, then drop the domains after the AGP expires and start all over again. It’s kinda like kiting a check.

Apparently, there is good money in domain tasting. According to Domain Tools, one Google domain taster was generating as much as $3 million dollars a month from the practice and that was after Google’s revenue share. and other companies have been using this practice for years and it will have a direct impact on them. The gravy train of free money might be coming to a halt very fast. This policy change at Google should be announced to the channel partners soon and it will have a huge echoing impact on the Industry.

By not allowing AdSense for Domain on domains that are less than five days old, Google hopes to provide a better user experience by cutting down on the millions of parked pages on the Net. Of course, this move will also has an effect on Google’s bottom line. It’s going to cost them millions in lost revenues.