Google Site Targeting Attracting Tier 1 Advertisers

It looks like Google site targeted campaign is in full swing. And it looks like some of the advertisers using site targeting are very big, tier 1 advertisers. Right now Google is running a site wide 729×90 ad for HP on The TechZone. I discovered this while reading the TTZ Forums and noticed the ads. I don’t run Google 728 on the main site because it tends to cannibalize the inline Google 336. However, with a site targeted 728 paying CPM, I will make an exception, and set all the 728 inventory to run Google.

The HP ad is having a nice effect on revenue. The click rate is actually not too bad either. The main problem I have with Google’s site targeted campaign is Google doesn’t tell you if you have one – it just shows up on your site. Then it’s up to you to do a mad scramble to optimize it.

If you want to find out if any site targeting campaigns are running on your site, you can do that by logging into your Google AdSense control and looking under “Advanced Reports”. Then under the “Show data by [?]” drop down menu, select “Individual Ad Unit”. Once you select that a notice box will let you check off “Show data by targeting type – contextual or site”. This will break down your stats and show you how much your site made with normal Google contextual ads and site targeted ads.

What can you do to increase your chances of getting a site targeted campaign? I talked about that at this blog post.