Google PageRank Update In Progress

It looks like Google is doing another round of PR updates. I noticed that my rank has gone back up to PR4. It used to be PR3. Could it be that Google is starting to like me again? They still don’t have me rank number 1 for my name but they move my position from page 6 to page 5. Woo! :mrgreen:

Looking around the Net I see more PageRank increase than decrease. Shoemoney is back up to PR6, from PR5 and Tyler Cruz has gone from PR0 to PR3. It looks like many of the PayPerPost blogs that were slapped with PR0 has been given some of their PR back.

I’m not sure what message, if any, Google is trying to send with this latest PR update. PR3 to PR4 doesn’t mean much. However, for a PPP blog that was slapped with a PR0, going back to PR3 means a bunch of PayPerPost offers just became available.

Did you blog PageRank went up or down with this latest update? I’ll be interested in knowing.