Google Offers AdSense for RSS Feeds

If you tried to setup a new Google ad in your AdSense control panel today, you may have a noticed a new feature call AdSense for Feeds. It seems Google is finally starting to capitalize on its purchase of FeedBurner.

AdSense for Feeds allows Google to send AdSense ads into your RSS feed, provided your RSS feed is powered by FeedBurner. FeedBurner has its own ad network call FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN) but it sucks. I have over 28,000 RSS readers and the FAN ads make less than $5 per month. With that kind of dismal results, it’s no wonder Google killed it. Hopefully, AdSense in the RSS will perform a lot better than FAN ads.

Migrating FeedBurner to Google

To turn on AdSense for RSS, you need to migrate your FeedBurner account into your Google Account. To migrate all of your feeds, and your account from to Google, email and provide the following information:

  • Your FeedBurner account username
  • The Google Account email address you use to sign in to AdSense

Google will migrate your account and contact you with specific steps for you to follow once migration is complete.

Setting Up AdSense for Feeds

Setting up AdSense for Feeds is pretty straight forward. Google offers a lot of options to customize the look and feel of the ads. Ad sizes are 468×60 or 300×250 and is selected automatically by the system. You can choose if you want image ads, text or both, ad frequency, position, post length, colors and a channel to track performance. There’s even an option to make your feed a targetable placement so advertisers can buy ads directly on the feed.

I see this as a logical progressive step for Google. They’ve already taken over advertising on websites. It’s time to take over advertising on RSS as well. Look for Google ads in your mobile phone next. Oh wait. They’ve started that already. I just noticed the “AdSense for Mobile Content” in my AdSense control panel.