Google Messes Up March EFT Payment

I knew that Google has wired me my March AdSense payment a few days ago but I didn’t check to make sure it was correct because I assumed Google doesn’t make mistakes. That was until Carl Nelson paged me and told me Google messed up his electronics funds transfer. So I logged into my bank account and sure enough, Google has messed up my transfer as well.

What caused this appears to be a change in the way Google does its exchange rate. In the past, Google shows the exchange rate based on how much a US dollar is worth in Canadian. Now it looks like they have changed it to show how much a Canadian dollar is worth in US. The problem is when you do that you have to change the way you convert the money. Under the old system, Google would take what they owe me in US and multiply it by the exchange rate. With the new system, Google needs to take what they owe me in US and divide it by the exchange it. Instead of dividing by the exchange rate, Google multiply it like the old system and that resulted me getting way less money than I should.

Google wired the money at an exchange rate of 0.884 to 1. That means 88.4 cents US = $1CAD. However, the way Google did the math made it 88.4 cents CAD = $1US. I just sent them an email about. I’m sure it’ll be corrected …. some time in the future.