Google Chrome OS In Plain English

Yesterday, Google showed off their new Chrome OS. The new operating system is sure the put the fear of God into Microsoft. Chrome OS is a complete paradigm shift, where you no longer have a desktop. Instead, everything is in the cloud. This has been the direction I have been heading with my business for the past year. I store very little information or programs on my desktop now. My email is handle by Gmail, my documents are stored on Google Docs and ZOHO, my photos are stored at Flickr, my videos are on YouTube and Vimeo. It seems that Google thinks this is a great idea as well and that’s where Chrome OS comes in.

Chrome OS does away with the desktop. The entire operating system is pretty much a web browser that looks a lot like Google Chrome. The first Chrome OS powered computers will be netbooks but Google hopes expand into laptops and desktop computers as well. The main advantage for using the Chrome OS in a netbook is the speed. Chrome OS is lean, mean and super fast, able to boot up in just seven seconds. Little Atom powered netbooks that run too slow in Windows will fly in Chrome OS.

When you think about, Chrome OS makes a lot of sense. Most people use a computer to get on the Internet. With more web apps being developed everyday, there are very few reasons to get on the desktop. As a blogger, I pretty much run everything from a web browser. I log into my WordPress admin to make a new post, I use Hootsuite to update to my Twitter, etc. The first Chrome OS netbooks should hit stores late next year. The follow video explains Chrome OS in plain English.