Google AdWord Tricks That Could Make Your Rich

There have been many times we have covered Google Adwords here.  It is obviously a very robust platform with a lot of different options for how you can use it to help run your campaigns.  This being the case, I get asked quite a bit about random odds and ends about Google Adwords.  Obviously, Adwords are the ad results on the top of your search page(and the side, too) when you put in a query.  

Before you get too far into using Adwords, I would like to let you guys know of a few things about it that often are not known, and remind those of you that may have forgotten.  This is not an all-inclusive list of Adwords functions, but I think it will be a fantastic start of a few things many people simply do not know.


One of the first things that I realize is not common knowledge is that the Ad position does not actually affect the Click-Through-Rate.  Let me explain.  The range of the position of your ad on the first page of Google search results is anywhere between one and eleven.  

What most people seem to find, is that the Click-Through-Rate does not really get affected by where you fall in this range.  This is usually shown to be true by Google actually bolding the keyword that is being searched for by the end user.  This being said, the user is going to see his keyword bolded and click on your link, regardless of if it is number one or number six.

Another thing I think worthy of note is that there are actually three types of keywords that your users use when searching online for something to buy.  The first would be and exploratory or research phrase.  This may be something very generic, like “cars” or “gaming consoles” as they likely do not know exactly what they want, only a general idea.  Secondly, they will move on to a comparison search term.  

I want to add on word to this, and that would be “review.”  This is where they have an idea of what they want, and now they want to research that specific item.  They want someone with some authority to tell them it is a worthwhile purchase, or to warn them if it is junk.  I would advise against bidding on this type of phrase, as the user typically is not quite ready to pull the trigger on the purchase at this point.

When it really gets fun, is when they throw in phrases like color, size, model, brand, etc.  This lets you know they are in the third search category, the buying category.  After I finally decide the wristwatch I want to buy, I am not searching for “G-Shock Mudman” or something of the sort. These are what you want to bid on.

Take these ideas, and implement them into your next Adwords campaign, and check back on progress after a week!

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