Google Adsense On A Personal Blog?

You might be wondering why there are Google ads on my personal blog. Well they won’t be here for long. I’m just testing out this new template that is geared toward blogging for AdSense income. While I like the general layout of the theme, I have found some problems with it. The first being I can’t lock down the width in IE. When I edited the CSS to lock the width at 900 pixels, it works in Firefox but for some reason IE still expands with the browser. Hopefully the author of this theme will be able to fix this in a future release.

Another problem I found is the field to enter the AdSense code, part of it is broken. However, the most important part – the part that enters your publisher ID – works fine. It’s the AdSense channel data that doesn’t work. When you enter a channel number, it adds a / to the AdSense code and this breaks it and prevents the Google ad from displaying. I had to manually edit the Google ads to insert the channel information. Hopefully this will be fix in a future release as well.

One item I would like to see added to the theme admin is an AdSense alternate URL field. This option is available to all Google publishers and all smart publishers make use of this feature. As it stands, I have to manually edit the Google AdSense files to add this important data.

Overall, I think this is a good template and I can see using it for future commercial blogs that I make. If you don’t like the ad, there’s a link to turn them off on the right.