Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Taipei

We are jetting off again! This time, we’re flying across the strait to Taipei for the 2008 Computex trade show. Actually, we can’t really fly from Shanghai to Taipei. The Taiwan government doesn’t allow direct flights between the two cities. We have to fly to Hong Kong first and then fly to Taipei. If Taiwan allowed direct flights, the journey would take only two hours. However, since they don’t, it takes half a day.

Second Biggest IT Show In The World

Computex is the second biggest IT show in the world. It’s also the most fun of all the shows I attend. It’s unlike any show in North America. The culture is different, the language is different and even the parties are different. Because of incredible growth, Computex is spreaded across two convention centers this year. It will be interesting to see the mad traffic jams this will create. There will be shuttle buses to take attendees from one convention center to the other. Because Taipei is a WiMax enabled city, the buses will have laptops in them so we can experience the city wide WiFi.

Stephen Fung and Michael Kwan are already in Taipei. Ed Lau will be joining us later tonight at the Gigabyte party. Computex officially opens tomorrow. Expect to see a lot of fun posts this week.