Going To China for a Month – See You There!

I know at the start of the year I set a goal to travel less in 2009. However, something came up and now I’m off on an one month long trip to China that will take me to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Punyu and Hong Kong. One of the coolest thing about making money online is I can do it from anywhere in the world and this is a good way to demonstrate that fact.

The news of my Asia trip seem to have spread through the Net and Twitter and I’ve been getting dinner invites and meet up requests from some of my Chinese readers. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. If you would like to meet up in any of the places I’ll be visiting, give me a shout on Twitter.

The highlight of this trip will be a visit back to the town where I was born. I will be taking you to the very house where I grew up. You can consider this part 2 of my You Are Already Rich post. My hope is once you see the background where I came from, you’ll appreciate what you truly have and will no longer listen to any excuse for not succeeding in anything you do.

Want To Guest Blog on John Chow dot Com?

I don’t know what my posting frequency is going to be while in China so to fill things out, I’m looking for a few guest posters. If you want to be featured on this blog, then email your post to johnchow [at] johnchow.com. The topic should be related to blogging, making money online or personal finance. I can’t guarantee I will publish every post but I can guarantee that I will read it.

See you in Shanghai!