Going Once, Going Twice, Sold For $100 Million!

Google continues on their goal of taking over the world by buying up anything that has a remote chance of getting big. The latest purchase added to the growing list of Google acquisitions is FeedBurner. These are the guys that handle my RSS feed and show that fancy counter that say I have over 5,000 RSS readers. They also run the FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN) that makes me a bit of cash.

Feedburner is in the closing stages of being acquired by Google for around $100 million. The deal is all cash and mostly upfront, according to our source, although the founders will be locked in for a couple of years.

FeedBurner was founded in 2003 and funded with $10 million of capital in two rounds. Google will be paying $100 million cash for the company. $10 million into $100 million in four years? That’s a pretty good return on investment! However, I am surprised that FeedBurner is doing an all cash deal. The taxes on that kind of gain would allow you to live off the interest for the rest of your life.

Source: TechCrunch