Going For A Sunday Drive

We went looking at more houses today, but this time it wasn’t for an investment. This time we were looking for a possible future place to live. The best way to search was to go for a Sunday drive. We started by driving along Marine Drive towards UBC to see what we can find. The drive lead us to a place call Deering Island.

Deering Island, which is near the Point Grey Golf & Country Club, has to be the one of the smallest islands in the world. There is only one road, with houses on either side. It is located at the North Arm of the Fraser River, in an area call Southlands. There are only 35 homes on the island. Many of them have their own docks so you can get ready access to your boat. Unfortunately not a single house was for sale.

Driving around the Southlands area we did discovered 12 waterfront lots for sale on Celtic Avenue. The lots range in size from 0.49 acres to 0.63 acres. The only house for sale on Celtic Avenue has an asking price of $16 million so I’m almost afraid to ask how much the lots are going for.

While Deering Island does look like a nice place, I don’t think I want to live there. Its location is very nice – only 10 minutes to UBC and 20 minutes to downtown. However, the water on the North Arm of the Fraser isn’t as clean as English Bay or Coal Harbour. We’re going to look at those areas next.