Giving Thanks To the Automobile at South OC Cars and Coffee

Thew United State is entering another wave of COVID. Over 200,000 new cases were reported yesterday and Orange County has moved to back to its highest purple risk level. However, that didn’t stop thousands people, most without masks, from making it out to The Outlets at San Clemente to check out the Thanksgiving edition of South OC Cars and Coffee.

Despite the pandemic, this week’s cars and coffee was one of the biggest of the year, with over 1000 cars on displayed. Highlights included a really cool pick up truck with matching bicycle, and one owner brought his Ford GT and Bugatti Chiron to show off. When you’re at that level, the question is not if you should buy a Ford GT or a Bugatti Chiron. The question is, should you add a Ford GT to your Bugatti Chiron? The average Bugatti owner has 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.