Giving Commentators Some Luv


I’ve installed a new plugin on this blog that will help encourage more comments by giving commentators a link to their latest blog post. CommentLuv works by checking the RSS feed of the commentator’s blog and pulling the last updated post and displaying it along with his or her comment. In addition to WordPress, CommentLuv is also available as a Drupal and Typepad plugin.

The plugin is very easy to install (just unzip, upload and activate) and offers a decent level of customization. You can control the styling of the text, background and link. You can take advantage of the extended features of CommentLuv by registering your URL. Doing that allows you to see the top 20 active sites and see which of your last blog post links have been clicked. It’s a good way to find out if your comments are bringing you any traffic.

Unlike my Top Commentators plugin, which only rewards the most active users, CommentLuv gives every commentator with a blog a little link love. Readers with blogs will be encourage to comment more because they’re getting something extra in return. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Then try it on your blog and see if it helps to get more comments.

Download CommentLuv for WordPress