Giant Water Slide Jump – But Is It Real?

If this video is real, then all I have to say is that guy must have balls of steel. The video shows some crazy man launching himself off a very long water slide and landing perfectly into a kiddie pool a few hundred feet away. And it seems he lived to tell about it.

The site that explained the stunt is written in German so I can’t read it. Any German readers want to translate this for me?

Alle Bedenken waren unbegründet. Der 35,2 Meter Distanzsprung war der erste Softslide-Praxistest mit echten Menschen (ich) unter Realbedingungen. Ich denke, auch den letzten Zweiflern fehlen nun die Worte.

If it’s real, then it’s an amazing stunt. If it’s fake, then it’s a spectacular piece of special effects work. Either way, I enjoyed it a lot.