Getting Ready For E3

I’m packing up stuff for my trip to LA tomorrow for the E3 Expo. E3 starts on Wednesday but the press conferences and parties started today. Dan is already down there covering some of the events and I’m sure he’s trying to pick up some booth babes at the Golden Gopher Bar right now (there’s a party happening there).

E3 isn’t like other trade shows that I attend. For one, it’s the only show where I need a car because many of the parties are very spread out. Driving in LA traffic isn’t my idea of fun and it’s very easy to get lost, which is why I’m packing along the Magellan RoadMate 700 portable GSP. We’ll be landing just after lunch at LAX. Our hotel is near the airport and the E3 convention center is 12 miles away. If we didn’t rent a car, it would be a $20 cab ride each way. Renting car cost than $20 a day at the E3 prices.

Talk to you tomorrow from LA. Keep an eye on The TechZone for our famous E3 booth babe coverage. 🙂