Getting Google’s Attention

It looks like whatever I’m doing is getting the attention of Google because they actually call me up on the phone for a little chitchat. You can imagine my surprise when I answered the phone and the person on the other end of the line said “Hello John? This is Christian from Google AdSense. Do you have time to talk?”

Apparently the AdSense team is launching a new effort to identify a set of premium partners that Google can highlight in their sales meetings with brand name advertisers. The focus is to deliver a portfolio of select content network sites, and they want The TechZone in the network. This is all to gear up for Q4 and the big push for Google video ads.

CPMs have not been set, but early pilots have shown a multiple higher than text only campaigns. This should prove very interesting, and if it works out, will mean I can buy a lot of Christmas gifts.

Now how did I attract the attention of Google? Well I didn’t. The TechZone did, and this deal is only for The TechZone and not for any other sites I own. This all comes back to my post entitled Big Sites Rules, Small Sites Drool. If you want to attract any attention from advertisers you have to be big. Big sites get special ad deals that small sites can’t get. And this call from Google is just another example of how big sites get all the perks.