Getting Burnt At BurntZilla

BurntZilla started as a union between two of the top food trucks in Orange County. The restaurant was built on the Burnt Truck’s modern take on classic comfort foods and Dogzilla’s Asian inspired twist on the traditional American Hot Dog. They still use the trucks for catering and events. However, fans of the trucks can now get their fix at their restaurant at the Walnut Village Center in Irvine.

The BurntZilla menu is as simple and as clean as Hillary Clinton’s server. There are really only two main-course items: mini burger sliders, and mini hotdogs (known as zillas). Both sliders and zillas are served on the same Hawaiian roll. If you order the burger, the roll is cut along the side to make a burger bun. If you order a zilla, the roll is cut at top to make a hotdog bug. You can top the sliders and zillas with a variety of ingredients.

You are limited to two side dishes: load fries or tater tots that looks like the frozen tater tots from the Smart & Final next door. There’s also a choice of two soups and two desserts.

The sliders and zillas are a two to four bite affair. It’s the tater tots that fills you up. I think BurtZilla would make a lot more money if they kill the taters and fries. At $3 per slider/zilla, they would make a killing because you’ll have to order a dozen of them to feel full. Come to think of it, isn’t that how White Castle works?

My golden combo lunch (two slider/zilla, naked tater tots, and a drink) came to $9, which is pretty cheap compared to some of the lunch I’ve had. Overall, BurntZilla was a pretty cool lunch experience, and I will try again.

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