Get Schooled on Shopify with eCom Premier Academy

Are you tired of wasting your money on tools and programs that don’t actually get you anywhere? Are you interested in starting to make some real money online, even if you don’t know where to start and need someone to walk you through every step of the way? You just might be in luck.

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the new eCom Premier Academy, a video training program that aims to build your online business to the point of earning you some real riches.

Jeff Lenney Is Back

Those of you who have been reading John Chow dot Com for some period of time might recognize the name Jeff Lenney. The affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and “all around nice guy” has taken it upon himself to review a lot of the different affiliate programs on the Internet and we’ve highlighted some of his reviews here before.


So, we’re now turning our attention to Jeff’s eCom Premier Academy review. He’s done a very thorough job of outlining exactly what you can expect from this video training program.

Right off the bat, he says that this “is an amazing product” that “literally costs a fraction of the price” of other high-level premier training programs. The big kicker is that “anybody can do it,” regardless of previous experience or established expertise. Intimidation and apprehension about your lack of ability or knowledge have no place here.

What Is eCom Premier Academy?

As we make our way through Jeff Lenney’s review, we learn a lot about eCom and what you would receive if you were to purchase the program yourself.


The goal of the video training series from eCom Premier Academy is to help you build an online store with Shopify that will earn you seven figures in annual revenue. T

his is a very detailed guide on not only how to setup and run your Shopify store, but also about how you can grow it with search engine optimization, as well as promote it through Facebook and Pinterest.

Six Sections of Extensive Learning

eCom Premier Academy builds upon the success of the eCom Experts Academy, further expanding the content to provide buyers with as much useful information as possible. The content is broken down into easier to digest sections so that you can follow the instructions step by step, one at a time.


From the main dashboard, you gain access to the six main sections of this video training program.

  1. eCom Experts Academy
  2. eCom Premier Academy
  3. Shopify SEO
  4. Apps & Themes
  5. Case Studies
  6. Facebook Mastermind

Each of these sections is broken down further into a series of sub-sections so that you don’t get overwhelmed with all of the information all at once. The first part, for example, gives you sub-sections on understanding Shopify, setting up your online store, sourcing products, and establishing a brand, plus more.

Jeff says that he is particularly impressed with the section on Shopify SEO, saying that it is “epic” and that it’s “a first for this type of training.” In it, you’ll learn about keyword research, on page optimization, viral content strategies, broken links, buying links and so on.

I encourage you to read through the rest of Jeff’s review for a closer look at each section in eCom Premier Academy.

The Lenney Special

As Jeff Lenney has done pretty well every time before, he is sweetening the pot for anyone who decides to sign up with eCom Premier Academy. The course itself is already very extensive, but Jeff is throwing in hundreds of dollars’ worth of bonuses.

These include video courses and workshops on everything from Amazon fulfillment to setting up a WordPress e-commerce store. There are also ebooks on copywriting and Twitter techniques, plus plenty of Shopify advice to go from $0 to over $200,000 in just 60 days. There are eleven bonus products in all.

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration for eCom Premier Academy is only open until November 13; that’s this Friday. Up until then, you can get in on the program for the special price of $297. The price will go up to $1,997 after registration re-opens at some point in the future. Naturally, you’ll need to go through the link in Jeff’s review to unlock his bonus offers. Good luck!