Get 5 books for The Price of 1 And Help People Too

My friends at Sitepoint, who is headquarter in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is helping to raise money for the victims of the people affected by the massive bushfires in Victoria, Australia. The fires have claimed over 170 lives, left 5,000 homeless and is being call the worst natural disasters in Australian history. For the next three the days, Sitepoint is holding a buy 5 books for the price of 1 promotion, with all proceeds donated to victims of the Australian bushfires.

We’ve received advice that the best way to help out now is to give money. So, what we’ll be doing today at SitePoint is this: we’re offering a sale of any five SitePoint books for $29.95 USD, which is five books for the price of one—and donating 100% of the proceeds to bushfire relief. Readers will save a truckload and they’ll also be contributing to this very deserving cause.

Go to the Sitepoint sales page, Choose any 5 books and pay for just 1. That’s $149.75 worth of SitePoint books for only $29.95. Remember, every dollar raised will be donated. This is a great opportunity to get some valuable books and help people at the same time. But hurry, this offers ends Friday, February 13.

Sitepoint needs your help to spread their message. Please blog about their offer or help spread the word on Twitter or other social media networks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to buy some books.