Game, Set, Match – Winner!

I want to thank everyone for helping me win the Ruff PC laptop. Voting has ended and I have won with 116,930 votes. TechTreak tried a huge comeback yesterday and actually overtook me for a while but in the end, his cheating didn’t work.

How Did TechTreak Cheat?

Many people were asking if TechTreak was cheating. It seem amazing that a blog with less than 200 RSS readers can get so many votes. What TechTreak did was embed the URL that Polldaddy used to register a vote into his site. You can see a screenshot of his codes here (Thanks to Justin for the detective work). Anyone visiting the TechTreak site ended up voting for him whether they want to vote or not.

That wouldn’t be enough to win because TechTreak simply doesn’t have the traffic to register enough votes. So, he started embedding the cheat across his network of sites. By the time I went to check the results last night, he was ahead by over 10,000 votes.

At that point, I got pissed. I spent a lot of time trying to win this contest honestly. I got Shoemoney and many other webmasters to post about it, I advertised it, I sent out a newsletter to all my subscribers, etc. Then to have this little cheater come along and try to steal the contest.

In the end, it didn’t really matter because he still lost. Then again, everyone was expecting him to lose. What he might not have been expecting was to be exposed. TechTreak’s about page lists a bunch of contest that he’s won (by cheating, no doubt). Too bad he won’t be able to add a Ruff PC to the list. 😈