Frugal Theme – How Clean Is Your Theme?

Frugal Theme - How Clean Is Your Theme

Frugal Theme is a new WordPress 2.8 compatible theme designed by Eric Hamm. Eric created Frugal as a fully customizable theme for the non-coder. The theme is so complete, it comes with a 29 page user manual. According to Eric, it’s all about the content.

When it comes down to it, your blog’s content is MUCH more important that the theme itself. Sure, you don’t want your site to look tacky or amateurish or misrepresent the focus of your blog, but at the end of the day, it’s WHAT your saying that creates the draw for your potential subscribers, not what color the background is when they read it (though that can have an effect). So in designing the frugal WordPress theme I kept in mind the idea of providing the absolute best possible framework to put ALL the focus on the words and images you provide your readers…no more, no less. In it’s stock form, the frugal theme is light and clear and perfect for the next great work you are about to share.

Light and clean also mean super fast. Frugal has built-in ad widgets, custom avatars and custom favicon so you can install less plugins to your blog and therefore have less clutter slowing your site down. Speaking of clutter, Frugal Theme uses zero images. You’d be surprised at how many images a lot of themes use for things like their navigation bars, backgrounds, headers, footers, etc.

Frugal Theme Prices Start At Free

Frugal Theme is available in both free and premium versions. The free version cost zero. You can download and use it on your blog right away. The premium version starts at $79 for a single user license and goes up to $199 for a developer license. Of course, Frugal Premium has a lot more options and features to justify the non-free price. Which one you should use depends on the features you need.

Download the free version of Frugal and give it a test drive. You may find it’s all you need. If you need the extra features of Frugal Premium, you can always upgrade to that later. Here’s a video explaining the many features and benefits of Frugal Theme.

Download Frugal Theme