Review: Using the Free SERP Checker from Zutrix

Many tools are available to check the SERPs, and they tend to be sufficient to a degree. Yet, there may, at times, be features that are not available. This can tend to hinder your SEO efforts. Therefore it helps to get more advanced tools that are also free.

That brings us to the new SERP checker tools available and how using them can help improve your SEO for your site.

However, before using a new tool, it is essential to understand what it is, how it works, and some of the key features and benefits that can make your life easier as a site owner.

You’d be amazed at how minor differences and updates can set a SERP tool apart from others.

For today, you’ll get a detailed view of the free SERP checker tool from Zutrix and understand if it is suitable for you.

Let’s start by looking at what the SERPs are.

What are SERPs?

Many people have a knack for searching for a keyword and then only reviewing the first few entries on the first of the results. This is commonly known as the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Therefore as a business owner, you probably desire to be on the first page. Even more than that,  it’s always best to be in the first few spots of the Google SERPs, which is usually what users will choose when they need to buy something, check information, and order an item online.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you always feature at the top of the SERPs and the only way to do so is by engaging in SERP analysis. When this is done, you understand your site’s keywords and how your competitors are performing in this area.

Therefore as a business owner, marketer, or company, you have to do the right analysis and rank at the top without spending too much time on this endeavor. In this way, it becomes a motivating factor to get your page to the top of SERPs.

That’s where using a free tool from Zutrix comes in handy.

What is the Zutrix SERP Checker Tool?

This AI-powered SERP checker is entirely focussed on supplying up to date information on the keywords you use, your competitors, and the advanced algorithms to keep you in the loop about your rank.

The Zutrix SERP checker is both user friendly and efficient, enabling you to track countless keywords as well as their respective rankings. The Zutrix team rigorously ensures that you have up to date keywords daily using its advanced algorithm and AI tools to achieve this outcome. More than that, you have clear access to real-time results.

Let’s look at the Zutrix free SERP checker tool in more detail and show how it works.

How the Zutrix Free SERP Checker tool works

The first part of the SERP checking is swiftly accessed on Zutrix. Once done, you’ll be taken to a screen, as shown below.

All you have to do to get started is enter your country, the keyword you want to check up on, your email address, and click “get started.”

Once done, you’ll get taken to the next screen, which will redirect you to the register section, and you can start using the tool.

Keep in mind that you can start by adding 10 URLs or keywords in the Zutrix SERP check tool. This can then be reviewed and analyzed from the dashboard. The dashboard also allows you to check up on competitor sites.

You can also do the following from the dashboard directly:

  • You can analyze the keyword rank, performance, and average positions
  • Ability to check rank position daily, weekly and monthly
  • The SERP checker also allows you to check a particular country regarding Google rankings and SERP results.
  • You’ll get ten free checks per day for keywords.
  • Google rankings can be shown for desktop or mobile
  • It’s all done by clicking “check now,” which will populate all data needed.
  • Competitor analysis can also be done directly from the dashboard and looking at how well they currently rank on Google.
  • You’ll be able to discover the keywords that are working for your competitors, which can be integrated with Google Adwords for better SEO.
  • Easily link your Google search console to bring your current keywords you hope to track up to 10 keywords.

Now that you have a keen understanding of how the SERP checker works, let’s review what you get from using it.

Benefits and Features

Like most tools that help you check your ranking on the SERPs, you may be wondering more about the specifics and what you can get from using the Free SERP checker tool from Zutrix.

Let’s consider this below:

  • Detailed search information – Includes information related to Google ads, featured snippets, videos, and site links.
  • Checking your site rank – A quick view of where you currently rank on Google for the keywords specified.
  • User-friendly interface – Ability to use it for mobile and desktop tracking and so easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike
  • All search results are included in your keyword analysis and shared with you on your dashboard.
  • Free keyword searches and domains – Get ten free keyword searches and domains to be tracked.
  • Track your competitors – Get to know what your competitors are up to and model their behaviors to improve your keyword rank.
  • Language search – Get a list of searches for various languages in a country. A good example might be French searches in Canada.

Zutrix Review Summary

SERP checkers are so crucial for your SEO business strategy at present, and making use of the Free SERP checker from Zutrix can be quite helpful. The tool has worked effectively when reviewing up to 10 keywords and cross-checking the ranks against competitors.

You’re easily able to bring in up to 10 domains into the tool and review your sites ranking on the SERPs, and from here, you can strategize on the next steps to improve your SEO and bring more visitors to your site.

You can get started by getting the Zutrix Free SERP checker without having to enter any credit card details. Once done, the tool is available immediately.

You can then begin tracking unlimited domains, getting real-time notifications, and using the detailed dashboard and the keyword lab limited to 10 keyword checks and on-demand updates daily.