Free Pens For Top Commentators


I received a big box of pens from I was discussing prizes for the blog with the owner of 1234 Pens and he told me he would send me a bunch of promotional pens to give away. When I opened the box, I thought they were all promotional pens, but upon digging inside the box, I saw that 1234 Pens has made me some custom John Chow dot Com pens as well!


Customized pens make great promotional and branding items. Everyone needs a pen and when it has your name on it, you keep your company in front of your customers (or blog in front of readers). Promotional pens are also surprisingly cheap to make. The yellow 1234 Pen can be made for as little as 83 cents each. The pens that made for me cost a lot more because it’s made of metal – pricing starts at $5.22 each.

Now that I have these pens, I need to come up with some creative ways to give them all away. I’ve decided to start by giving a set of pens to all the top 10 commentators. If your name is on the top commentators list at the end of this month, you’ll be getting a John Chow dot Com and pen.

A set of pens will also be sent to the winner of this Friday’s MyBlogLog contest.

Good luck everyone!

BTW – if you want to order up some promotional pens from, tell them John Chow sent you and they’ll give you 10% off the order and free ground shipping.