Free Pens for Everyone at Dot Com Pho

Bic Promo Pens

A big thanks goes out to Bic Promo Pens for sending over a nice golf shirts and two bags full of pens and highlighters. One bag is for me to do with as I please. The other bag is clearly marked, “Other bloggers at Dot Com Pho.” That mean anyone coming to this week’s Dot Com Pho will be taking home some nice writing instruments.

This Saturday’s Dot Com Pho is shaping up to be our biggest ever. Not only will we have Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey there, but BlueFur will be bringing their blue crew. Rumor has it that local celebrity blogger, Miss 604, will also be making an appearance. I wonder if I can get Mostly Lisa to get her butt down there?

If you’re in the Vancouver area and have nothing better to do this Saturday, then come on down to Dot Com Pho and meet your favorite bloggers. Contact me if you want to join the fun. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll get some free pens from Bic Promo Pens!

That reminds me. I need to make more John Chow dot Com pens.