Free Cab Rides In New York City

Ever wonder how much a 14 hour cab ride in NYC costs? Comedian/New Yorker Mark Malkoff decided to answer that very question by giving out free cab rides to New Yorkers for the entire day. His video adventure premieres today on

Individuals were invited to either Tweet or Facebook Malkoff with their location and desired destination which resulted in hundreds of people reaching out to Malkoff for free rides. New York cab driver, Sean Kean, was recruited by Malkoff for the project and provided the cab.

Some notable statistics from the day include:

  • The final meter which ran the entire time totaled $468.10.
  • Total distance covered was 60.2 miles
  • Free rides occurred for 14 hours from 7:30am until 9:30pm
  • Malkoff gave out free rides in both Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Nine individuals requested to be picked up at airports.

“With the current state of the economy, I was excited to be able to offer this free gift to my fellow New Yorkers,” said Malkoff. I wish he was doing it when I was in New York. Would have saved me an $80 cab ride from the airport to the hotel!