Four Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

Writer’s block, also known as blogger’s block, can be a huge problem for bloggers who need to keep their sites updated on a regular schedule. Blogger’s block can actually keep a blogger from creating quality content that will keep readers interested in the blog. After all, we know how important quality content is to the health and success of a blog; therefore, we need to do everything we can to overcome blogger’s block. Here are just a few ways to get over your block and get back to blogging; please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments sections!

Change the Scenery

If you find yourself struggling to get your writing done at your usual work place, either a writing desk or a coffee shop, then you should try to change up where you write. Go to a nearby library or move everything to your kitchen table. Whatever you do, make sure you change the scenery enough to inspire your brain and move it out of its comfort zone. The idea is that the sudden shift will jolt your creative energies and help you to write about new and interesting topics.

Take a Break

Depending on your habits as a blogger, suffering from writer’s block can be your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to take a break from blogging. Turn off the computer, disconnect your phone, and head outside for a nice long walk. Take some time to relax with your family and friends. Watch some television. Ideally, the break from the repetitive actions of blogging will recharge your mind, helping you to gather new ideas subconsciously so that when you next sit down to blog, you’ll be fresh and full of ideas. If necessary, keep a small notebook with you while to you take a break; that way, you can write down any ideas you have so you won’t lose them.

Write Blindly

Blind-writing is a great exercise to help clear your head of all the jumble and disconnected thoughts you might have, especially if you do it early in the morning. Basically, blind-writing consists of writing non-stop for between five and ten minutes without looking at what you have written. You should turn off your monitor or cover your laptop screen with a piece of paper. Then, really, you simply write whatever comes to your head without stopping the movement of your fingers, even if this means repeating nonsensical phrases, writing sentence fragments, and making a text that seems incomprehensible. Once you’re all done, you should be able to read through the text and pick out one or two interesting ideas that you previously didn’t know you had. These are the subjects of your next few posts!

Comment on Other Posts

Maybe you’re blocked because of the pressure you might feel at having to produce a great article for your own blog? In that case, you should read some other blogs you like and try to write a comment in response to a post on another blog. After you have written the comment, don’t publish it! Instead, copy and paste it into your own blog and see if you can expand it to become a full-length post. The goal of commenting in another blog is simply to get you to write in reaction to an issue. Then, once your creative juices are flowing, you can turn that comment into your own content! Be sure to link back to the post to which you’re responding; that way you can continue the discussion.

This guest post is contributed by Katheryn Rivas. Questions and comments can be sent to: katherynrivas87