Four New Categories Added

Those with a sharp eye may have noticed that I added four new categories to this blog. The new categories are as follow:

For whatever reasons, my most popular posts are always the ones where I post about my monthly blog earnings. Therefore, I have taken all the posts from the Making Money From a Blog series and put them in its own category. In addition to that, you will find other posts about making money off the Internet in this category.

I’ve also setup a separate category for WordPress. I get many emails asking where to get all the WordPress Plugins I run on this blog. This new category will make those Plugins easy to find.

The new Review My Blog and ReviewMe categories are a value added service for reviewers and advertisers. By creating a new category just for them, I make it more attractive for advertisers to order up ReviewMe reviews (which is running a half price coupon this month) and bloggers to write reviews on this blog.