For Those Who Missed It – ShoeMoney LIVE Chat Replay

For those who missed out on the live call with Jeremy Schoemaker yesterday, Shoe has made the call available online. The room was set up to hold 300 people but nearly 600 showed up so many people got locked out. If you’re one of them then you can watch a rebroadcast of the live call here.

The call lasted a full hour and Shoe answer over a dozen questions from members of the audience. I had a fun time in the call as well. It was good to meet so many readers and I want to thank them for all the nice direct messages I received. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to answer all of them because I was paying attention to what Shoe was saying.

Do you have any more questions that didn’t get to answer on the Shoemoney call? Please post them on this page and either Shoe or one of the ShoeMoney System coaches will post a reply. Shoemoney System goes live on Tuesdsay, January 26 at 3PM EST. Make sure you get your name on the list.

Shoemoney Live Chat

ShoeMoney LIVE Chat Replay