Follow Up And Follow Through

It’s a universal desire to want the better things in life for ourselves and our family. However, very few people are willing to take the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.

I have read many books on success and attended my share of motivational style seminars. The sequences of events at these sessions are always the same. People come out all fired up and ready to make a change in their life and take on the world. A week later they’re back doing the same old same old.

I’ve talked to many people who tell me they’re going to start a site and make money on the Internet. I’m still waiting to see their sites. Then there are those have actually followed up and created a site but then stop updating it after a week because they’re not seeing the expected results. They did the follow up, but they didn’t follow through.

I was talking to my Kontera rep to get an update on how the John Chow Kontera partnership was doing. My rep told me he received nearly 400 applications. So far, he has approved about 200 of them. If you haven’t received approval yet, just hang tight, he will get to you. Of the 200 approved, only half have actually put up the tags and are generating revenue. My rep tells me this is the hardest part of his job, actually getting the publishers to implement the tags. That to me is just insane – they are approved, they have the tags, they can now make money online. Why are the tags not installed?

This all comes back to my follow up and follow through. It’s all well and good to say, “I’m gong to do it! I’m going to succeed!” However, if you don’t follow up and follow through with your words, then your words are nothing more than a big lie.