Flipping for The Flip at Dot Com Pho

I figure the Dot Com Pho we go to every Saturday would be a good a place as any to test out the new Flip Video. Dot Com Pho is supposed to be an event for bloggers and Internet marketers to get together and talk about making money online. However, the talks go off topic more often than not.

To give people a taste of what goes on at a Dot Com Pho, Michael Kwan set up a blog call Dot Com Pho (for lack of a better name). You can check it out at DotComPho.com. So far, there’s only one video there but we hope to add more in the coming weeks. The Flip Video will make filming the event very easy.

Attending this week’s Dot Com Pho were myself, Stephen Fung, Ed Lau, Leo Chiang, Michael Kwan and Greg Morgan. This episode was filmed using the Flip Video and edited with Apple iMovie. It really doesn’t show how good the quality of the Flip Video is. YouTube compresses the movie way too much. Can’t wait for them to offer HD.