Fixing The Threaded Comments Cancel Issue

Brian’s Threaded Comments is one of the best WordPress Plugins I’ve ever installed on this blog. The Plugin adds “Reply to this comment” link to every blog comments. When you click the reply link, your comment is placed direct under the comment you replied to. However, there is a problem with the Plugin when you want to cancel a reply.

If you click reply to this comment and then decide to cancel, it jazzes up the screen and covers the content with a white block. My solution when first made aware of this bug was, “don’t cancel the reply.” :mrgreen:

Fortunately, Derek over at My New Choice has come up with a more elegant solution to the problem.

In the plugin code, briansthreadedcomments.php you need to edit the following line in the reRoot function:

From: var content = document.getElementById(“content”);

To: var content = document.getElementById(“content-main”);

Once I made this change, clicking the cancel link results in the behavior you would expect.

I’m happy to say it works like a charm. You can now cancel replies without fear of the white screen of death! 😈