Five Ways To Blog Online on a Small Budget

When it comes to making money, some believe you have to spend money to make money…right? Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your small budget count, every single month.

First idea: Free stuff! Using ad extensions allows you to have site links for all campaigns. Ad Extensions show depth on your site, they are simple and get a lot of traffic. Also, set additional negative from SQR reports.

Think of words that fit within yours or your clients realm of business, but actually have nothing to do with their business – excluding those words will help you to avoid unwanted traffic, as well as attract the more specific traffic you are looking for.


Second: Don’t get too caught up in being number 1. If you are in third or fourth place, you are getting conversions, and you most likely have a better ROI because you are spending less money to get into first.

Third: Eliminate the keywords that aren’t working! You may have keywords that worked in the past, but aren’t working now – that’s the ebb and flow of the business. Don’t make yourself crazy by getting frustrated they aren’t working, eliminate those words and move forward.

Fourth: Your Google score. The higher your Quality Score, the more eligibility you have for your keywords, so you end up paying less per click. Create great content landing pages, meaningful keywords and a good account structure and you will easily have a Quality Score that is above average!

Fifth: Make a branded campaign. By making a campaign that is specifically about your product and company will be a key element to having a successful PPC account on a small budget. When you are more specific with your products, your conversion rates will be higher. For example phrases such as “Michael Kors watch” will have a higher conversion rate than just “watches”.

Hopefully these few tips will help you maximize your budget and give you the ROI you are looking for!