Five Things I Learned From Ad:Tech San Francisco

1 – It Cost More To Park a Car Than To Rent One

I rented a car for my Ad:Tech trip because I wanted to explore San Francisco a bit. Having the car also meant I can just put all the luggage in the truck on the last day – a nice benefit since my flight wasn’t until 7:30PM.

The car rental cost only $30 per day, which is about average for a mid-size. However, parking at the Palace hotel cost $48 per day. That has to be among the highest parking rates in the world! I only used the car on the last day of my trip so it wasn’t really the best use of resources. I’ll know better next time.

2 – Internet Advertising Is Alive and Well

Any assumptions that the Dot Com Bubble 2.0 is about to burst was busted at Ad:Tech. Judging by the size of the crowds and the number of companies attending, I say the Dot Com Money Train is alive and well and going at full speed. That was confirmed on Thursday when Google posted record first quarter profits.

3 – It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

While at the Ad:Tech press room, I met the publisher of Revenue magazine. I told her I would love a free subscription to the magazine but Revenue doesn’t offer free subscriptions to Canada. She took my business card and said she’ll take care of it. I await my first issue.

4 – Face To Face Is Still Where It’s At

It’s great that the Internet has allowed us to communicate instantly with people from all over the world. However, no amount of technology will ever replace good old fashion face-to-face networking. Building a relationship is so much easier when you’re looking at the person you’re trying to build a relationship with. And in this business, it’s all about the relationship.

5 – The Population of San Francisco is 1/3 Gay

San Francisco has the highest percentage of gays amongst its population (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). Fully 1/3 of San Francisco is gay. I thought about that stat as I was walking the Ad:Tech show floor and came up with the fallowing conclusion.

If you look to the left, and you look to the right.
And if they’re not gay.
You are!