First The Digg Clubs, Now This

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Digg has been one of the biggest internet stars of 2006. In just two short years, Digg has gone from start up to one of the biggest news site on the net. Getting a story on the Digg front page means a ton of traffic and, more often than not, a crashed server because of the “Digg Effect.”

Because Digg depends on their users to vote on which stories goes on its front page, this has created many “Digg Clubs”, where groups of people get together to Digg each other’s stories in the hopes of sending it to the front page. Now, someone has came up with What is it? I’ll let the creator tell you.

Basically it is a place where you get credit for digging others stories and that credit is used to get digs back on your submitted stories…checking is all automated the credits and diggs are all tabulated every five minutes so everything should be easy just register and digg….

The account comes with 15 credits when you start so make sure to start digging as soon as you start, also when you log in your submitted area after a couple of minutes of your registration all your submitted stories from Digg should appear make sure to use the arrows to the side of the listings to hide/show the listings which you would like to show up on the digging page.

It should be really powerful with the number of people joining, but remember this is just to help you quality content get noticed, as it can sometimes get lost in Digg listings, but I don’t by any means promote spamming of Digg…

Digg already knows how to kill off the Digg clubs. I doubt it will take them long to kill DiggBigg. The easiest way to get stories to the Digg front page is, and always will be, to create stories that Digg users will like. Trying to spam your story to the font page, with a Digg club or DiggBigg, won’t work.