FiringSquad Editors Challenge

Want a chance to work for one of the leading gaming sites on the Internet? My buddy Lyle from FiringSquad sent me the head ups on their Editors Challenge. If you think you got what it takes to be a FiringSquad editor, they’re willing to give you $1,500 cash, an Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme processor and a $10,000 FiringSquad Writing Contract.

How many times have you gone to your favorite website and said “That review sucks. I can do better”? or are you an aspiring video journalist? Now is your chance to prove it. With the help of our sponsor, Intel we’re launching our first ever Editors Challenge. But this is more than a simple contest — the winners of this competition will be offered contracts with No, you won’t be able to quit your day job, but you will get a chance to test the latest hardware and software before it’s even announced to the public, and have a chance to make a difference in this industry. Beyond that, the limits are up to you.

Topics can be anything gaming or hardware-related. So far they have 20 entries for the written portion, which is not bad considering this is only the 2nd day of the first preliminary round. There are 5 days to go for this 1st prelim, and then another preliminary round before they start making the cuts for round 2.

The full challenge rules are here. A writing contract with FiringSquad would be really cool. I would write for them if I didn’t own The TechZone. 🙂