Finding Out Where Your Site Ranks

So you have a site but how does it rank? How many pages have Google indexed? How many other sites are linking to you? Where does your site rank on the net? Finding out this information is vital if you’re to make it as a Google Whore. Fortunately, all this info is already available and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

How Many Pages Have Been Indexed By Google?

To find out how many pages Google have indexed on your site, you can do a search using the following parameter: site:your-site-url. This will return back how many pages Google found with your site URL on it. For example, a look at The TechZone shows that Google indexed 118,000 pages with in them. The higher the number, the better your chances of showing up in a Google search.

How Many Backlinks Do I Have?

To check how many sites linked to you enter the following into a Google search: link:your-site-url. This will tell you how many sites Google have indexed that is also linking to your site. In the case of The TechZone, the answer is 1,930. I know that more sites than that linked to TTZ, but not all sites that link to TTZ are indexed by Google. For example, Yahoo shows The TechZone with 57,900 backlinks. Backlinks are extremely important because they largely determine your Google Page Rank.

What Is My Google Page Rank?

Page Rank is one of the factors Google use to decide where you rank in a search result. The higher your ranking, the higher up you are listed. Page Rank range from 0 to 10, with 10 being best. To find your page rank, you can download and install the Google Toolbar, since Page Rank happens to be one of the item it displays.

Where Does My Site Rank On The Net?

Alexa tells where your site ranks on the internet. The TechZone has a ranking of 15,358. What does that mean? According to Alexa, it means my site is the 15,358th biggest on the net. To find your Alexa Ranking, you can either use the Alexa toolbar or go to the Alexa home page and do a search on your site URL. Both will give you the same answer.

Alexa is a pretty worthless stat and not very accurate. While it maybe possible that The TechZone is the 15,358th biggest site on the net, I highly doubt my blog is the 70,351th biggest site. Alexa rankings are based on Alexa toolbar users, so it’s possible to skew the results by having a bunch of friends surf your site while running the toolbar. Take the Alexa number with a heavy grain of salt.