Finally, A Money Making Video Course That Really Is Free


I just came across a new and interesting free internet business video course called “Clone Cash System” that I believe you’ll all be interested in. I think this is the first time that I’ve come across such a resource that is 100% free with no strings attached. There are no up-sells, cross sells, one time offers or advertisements.

Some of the so called guru’s out there will seriously flip out when they see this and for good reason. This is far better than a lot of the guides I have both reviewed and paid to gain access too.

The course has been developed by Steve Peirce, a relatively unknown internet marketer. But here’s where it gets really interesting. In his video course, Steve reveals how he makes six-figures online and takes you through his EXACT formula with 20+ step-by-step video tutorials. But the best part is…

  • He pulled all of that cash in tiny niches that have NOTHING to do with “marketing”.
  • He did not have any big partners, affiliates or do a big launch.
  • He doesn’t even have any big fancy websites or big PPC campaigns.
  • That’s right… No fancy websites, No affiliates and No Expensive Advertising spends.

I have watched all of the videos. From first look I thought the information was quite basic, but once you get into them they deliver a lot of great techniques.

There’s a lot of info to take in but it follows a logical sequence and Steve covers most of it in depth. Remember that this video series is covering a whole system from start to finish. It’s not about one traffic technique or one blog tweak, it’s A to Z. Because of this, I thought I would highlight a few of of the more interesting videos.

Video 2 gives a nice introduction to recurring income affiliate programs. This is great if you’re new to affiliate marketing as you may not be aware of this. Basically you can get paid every month for the same customers and it can soon add up to some hefty regular commission checks. Video 3 and 4 goes through a real life example of selecting keywords for your website. You can follow Steve as he decides on a niche and then shows you the process he uses to choose his keywords. In video 6, Steve discovers a great site for finding niche affiliate products.

Overall, these videos are very helpful especially for any newbies out there and even if you are a seasoned marketer there are some techniques in here that make them well worth the watch. And best of all, it won’t cost you any money to watch them.


Watch The Clone Cash System Videos