Ferrari F40 At South OC Cars and Coffee

I check out the iconic Ferrari F40 (plus a bunch of other cars) at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. Made to celebrate the 40th anniversary year of Ferrari’s road car production, the F40 was the most raw performance car of its era.

What sets the F40 apart from supercars of today is what it doesn’t have. The F40 has no power windows, no power door locks, no power steering, no power brakes. The only thing that does have power is the engine. The little 2.9L twin-trubo V8 makes 478 hp, which is not much by today’s standards, but back in 1987, it was a world beating.

A total of 1,315 F40 were produced from 1987 to 1992. The original plan was to make only 400 cars, but demand was so great and Ferrari was so money hungry they made another 915. Brand new, the F40 sold for about $400,000. Today, it will cost you over $2 million. That is assuming you can find one for sale.

This particular F40 was on loan to the Petersen Automotive Museum as part of its Ferrari display. The car is now back with its owner, who graciously brought it out to Cars and Coffee so everyone can enjoy it.