Feeding The Goldfishes at Baomo Garden


On our last day in guangzhou/Punyu, we headed over to the Panyu Baomo Garden. This is a beautiful 66,750 square meter garden filled with thousands of giant goldfishes. It also has the cleanest washrooms I’ve ever seen in a Chinese tourist attraction. The garden is situated in Zini Village, Shawan Town, and Panyu City. It was built at the end of the Qing Dynasty, but destroyed in the fifties. It took China six years to rebuild Baomo Garden.

Because of the amazing scenery, the garden is a very popular place to take pictures. However, the main reason people come to the garden is to feed the always hungry goldfishes. Not only are they hungry, these goldfishes are positively huge! Some of them grow to over 20lbs. They would easily sell for over $1,000 each in North America.

Tomorrow, we will be heading to Hong Kong and the final leg of our Asia trip. I will be meeting up with Hong Kong based friends and business associates. I’m also looking forward to staying at the brand new W Hotel Hong Kong. After living in Punyu for a week, it’ll be nice to enter the lap of luxury again. See you there!