FeedBurner Network Ad Default Problem

As most of you know, I’ve started running FeedBurner ads on the blog as well my full feed RSS. FeedBurner ads do really well and offers a high CPM rate. However, one of the problems I am facing is its inability to default to another network when there are no ads to show.

I’ve been checking my stats and according to the information, FeedBurner is only able to fill about 1/3 of my inventory – 2/3 of the time, there is nothing to show. Most ad networks allow you to default to another ad network if they have no paid ad to show. I emailed FeedBurner about this issue and this was their reply.

Hi John,

Thanks so much for shooting us a note and for using our ad network. The answer to you question is yes and no. Yes, you can run other ads when we don’t have an impression to run but you would need to create a script to say “if no FeedBurner ad then run x.” You can’t enable this type of thing through us. If you have any questions or need anything else please ping me. Take care and have a great weekend.



I forwarded the email to Justin. I hope that he can figure out how to write such a script. The ideal situation would be for FeedBurner to default to my TTZ Media Network if there are no ads. In the mean time, I’m going to try to run FeedBurner and TTZ Media at the same time for a few days to see how it does. 2/3 of the time, you’ll only see the TTZ Media ad.

The tweaking never stops.