Feed Good Tuesday Video – Stand By Me

Tuesday is normally the seconds worst day of the week after Monday. But I got the cure for those Tuesday blues with an awesome remix of Ben E. King’s classic, Stand By Me. The video was produced by Playing For Change and I got tell ya, if it doesn’t bring a tear to you eyes, then you are one heartless bastard.

This cover of Stand By Me was recorded by completely unknown artists in a street virtual studio all around the world. It all started with a base track—vocals and guitar—recorded on the streets of Santa Monica, California, by a street musician called Roger Ridley. The base track was then taken to New Orleans, Louisiana, where Grandpa Ellitott—a blind singer from the French Quarter—added vocals and harmonica while listening to Ridley’s base track on headphones. In the same city, Washboard Chaz’s added some metal percussion to it.

And from there, it just gets rock ‘n’ rolling bananas: The producers took the resulting mix all through Europe, Africa, and South America, adding new tracks with multiple instruments and vocals that were assembled in the final version you are seeing in this video.

Don’t you just love technology? All this was done with just a simple laptop, a camcorder and few microphones. Enjoy the video and look on the bright side. It’s only three more days until the weekend! At least that’s what rat racers tell me.

Source: Gizmodo