Everything I Learned in Kindergarten Applies to Blogging

How long has it been since you have been to Kindergarten? I know it’s been awhile for me. Here is a refresher for those that forgot what you should have learned and how you can apply it to blogging…

Share Everything
Share your knowledge with others and it will bring rewards. This has been very evident with bloggers that niche in a specific topic. I know Copyblogger has told us all now to charge for our knowledge but blogging isn’t about charging it’s about sharing.

Play Fair
Don’t cheat or try to bend the rules. I guarantee you will get caught and penalized. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day you will get caught. If you have to ask if it is cheating then most likely it is.

Don’t Hit People
It may seem fun to criticize others on your blog but it definitely does not feel good when the shoe is on the other foot. Remember what goes around comes around.

Clean Up Your Own Mess
If you make a mess of something because of your blog. Apologize, fix the problem and move on. Remember to learn from your mistakes and don’t let it happen again. The bigger your blog becomes the more of a mess you can make.

Don’t Take Things That Aren’t Yours
Stealing someones content is bad. If you can not create your own content then don’t blog.

Say You’re Sorry When You Hurt Somebody
If your blog offends someone it is surprising how a sorry can go a long way. I think the Cow shows a good example of saying sorry.

Take A Nap Every Afternoon
Remember to disconnect from the blog sphere and take a break. This will bring you back with new ideas and refreshed to keep going.

This post was guest blogged by Gary Jones from BlueFur.com. BlueFur provides Dedicated Servers in Canada like the one that runs John Chow’s site.