Every Dollar This Blog Makes, It Gives Away

When I asked readers to help me raise money for the Union Gospel Mission’s Easter meal drive, I offered to match 2 to 1, everyone’s donations up to $1000 per person. I was hoping someone would take up the offer and hit my maximum limit. One blog did just that. Free Money Finance sent a donation to the UGM for $1,000 and I figure they deserve a special post for showing such generosity.

This Blog Gives Away All Its Money

After snooping around Free Money Finance, it became clear why the site sent in a donation. Free Money Finance gives away all the money it makes. In the past three years, the blog has made and donated over $100,000 to charitable causes. All I can say to that is, WOW!

It Helps You Make Money

Not only does Free Money Finance give away money, it helps you make money by teaching you how to grow your net worth. The blog has over 5,000 posts on investing and money management. There’s something here for everyone. Here are just a few highlights.

You may notice that most of the articles doesn’t have an author by-line and the About page of Free Money Finance doesn’t have the blog author/owner’s name (other than FMF). This is because many of the case studies used real life numbers of the author and he wants to maintain a certain level of privacy. I can respect that.

Free Money Finance is a great blog to add to your RSS readers. Remember, it’s not how much you make that matters. What matters is how much you keep. FMF will help you keep more of the money you make.