Entering The Tang Dynasty

Now that we’re back in Shanghai, it means we can once again take part in this lifestyle of the rich and famous that Shanghai seems to have become obsessed with. And very few places exude wealth and power better than the Tang Dynasty.

The Tang looks more like a hotel than a restaurant. Its huge lobby looks like the grand foyer of some five star hotel. The place is made almost entirely of imported marble and there’s enough staff running around to overwhelm even the pickiest guest. The menu is a 98 page full color book!

One thing for sure, you’ll never see a restaurant like Tang in the West. They wouldn’t be able afford the staff requirements. Because wages are so low in China, the restaurant can hire enough staff to make sure everyone receive top notch service. For example, the serving of food is performed with two waiters – one delivers the food to your table and another set it down on the table.

BTW – this was only lunch. We’re going to an even fancier place for dinner. To get rich really is glorious. 😈